My father, Frank Scripter, raised horses from 1966 until his death in 1999. He normally had 28 to 35 horses.

He was the president of Sundance 500 International from 1983 until 1987.

He and my mother were among the original incorporators of FAHR (Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry) in September 1997, and my father served as the first president.

My father was the ghostwriter for the book: "The Story of The Ghost Wind Stallions", by Don LaLonde and a contributor to "The Legacy of the Nez Perce Spotted Horse"

Frank_Scripter_Ghostwind_Book Scripter Appaloosa Breeders on Facebook The_Legacy_of_the_Nez_Perce_Spotted_Horse

Here is an un-official, partial biography of my father: Appaloosa History Lord of the Leopards: Frank Scripter

I have been involved with everything since the earliest days, hence, I have had a lifetime of experience in riding, training, caring for, breeding and learning from and with horses.


Mark Scripter Riding Chubs Powderface Memorial Day 1970